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AT&T Chicago Land Area

AT&T (now Comcast) were upgrading their system in the Chicago region back in 1999 through 2000 and hired Directional Construction Services. We were responsible for quickly replacing and splicing underground cable that failed as the new system was upgraded. DCS coordinated 3 crews and were able to meet deadlines on a weekly basis.

Verizon Ft. Wayne, IN

In 2005 when Directional Construction services was one of 5 subcontractors working for Henkels and McCoy in Ft. Wayne Indiana for the Verizon FTTP (fiber to the premises) project. We installed conduit throughout the city and had the 2nd highest production for a total of nearly 30 miles. We exceeded expectations and therefore the project was completed 2 months earlier than expected. Knowledgeable employees and excellent communication paid off on this project.

Verizon Northwest Suburbs, IL

In 2007, Directional Construction Services was subcontracted from Turnkey Network Solutions to install conduit within a specified time frame for Verizon. The work was handed out in phases and we always met our deadlines. This was a large project that spanned over a 3 month period and we were able to accomplish it in a safe and timely manner. It was a total of nearly 18 miles of underground construction that DCS coordinated for this project.

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